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That Thing I Feared Most

December 22, 2018

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Strange October Fires in California

October 18, 2017

Very late on the night of October 8th (a Sunday night) a large number of fires were sparked in Northern California. Strange and weird fires that dotted the map of Northern California.


One man who lives in Santa Rosa, California, says that, “About 11:30 last night (Oct. 8, 2017) here in Santa Rosa, out of nowhere wind started circulating. I went outside as I heard my chimes starting to go off and I thought that was odd.


There’s winds and all of a sudden blue sparks came out of the sky. No lightning, just blue sparks, and at one o’clock in the morning 60 (six-oh) fires, Napa, Sonoma, Santa Rosa, hit everywhere! And these firefighters are saying they’ve never seen a fire like this. They’ve never seen it move so quickly. It came out of nowhere. There was no stormfronts, there was no lightning.”


The Berkeley Firefighting Team Made a Chilling Video




There Was no Storm


Locals say it was a beautiful, quiet night with light breezes. There were no storms that night and none in the forecast. This was not lightning – they don’t know what started the fires.

Houses Burned to the Ground

In normal house fires, there are parts of the structure still standing. There strange fires were so very intense that houses were burnt completely down to the ground and yet, again, trees were still standing.


Normal Housefire vs. October Fires



In the October Fires, the houses were incinerated completely.




Cars Melted


In the unusually intense heat created by these fires, cars literally melted. Experts say it takes a fire of around 3,000 degrees (F) to do that. The glass in the buildings completely melted down, too. These were intense fires but trees standing a few feet away remained green. Of course, some trees did burn, but most did not burn in this inferno.


In the October Fires, most of the cars were twisted wreaks with tires and glass windows melted away.

Lots of Rain in 2017 – the Drought is Over


Record rainfall in Northern California this year put an end to the declared drought status. These were not dry conditions. You may remember that the Oroville Dam threatened to burst earlier in 2017.






Meteorites – many people saw blue streaks or sparks falling from the sky.



GeoEngineered –some kind of advanced technology, a man made Geostorm.


Microwave Weapon – one man believes the evidence points to a microwave weapon.


ISIS – took credit for the fires early on.


Supernatural – as we approach the End of the Age time period, weird, evil things will start to happen. Could this be the manifestation of the Revelation 12 dragon sweeping the “stars” down to earth? If so, is this just the beginning?


”Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth.”
– Revelation 12:3-4


Planet X – the theory is that a dark, unseen celestial body moved through our system towards the sun, leaving debris in its wake. Now the Earth is entering that trail of debris.




Some of these theories are really wild, I’ll admit, but the takeaway is this – however these fires were started, it was very strange.


Mainstream media will play this down, you can bet on it. The .gov people will come up with some empty explanation. The media will start to say how normal it is to have fires this time of year. They will either be deceived or lying but they won’t be the eye witnesses, the victims who lived through it.


These sixty fires did not act at all like natural wildfires. They didn’t sweep through the landscape leaving wide swaths of darkened char. They seemed to target buildings, melting them down to the ground, but the fires left the trees intact. Weird.


More Videos


Below are some videos of people talking about these firestorms and showing the evidence. I am not endorcing these videos, their theories or their views. I just want my readers to get an understanding of how truly strange this phenomenon was.


A woman describes the normal melting point of various substances, shows how normal house fires look and then reviews the reasons why the October Fires are just so weird.
YouTube – inTruthbyGrace


Santa Rosa resident describes night of Oct. 8 – 9, wind, blue sparks, starting at :45.
YouTube –   aplanetruth.info


A man describes his theory starting at 1:30.
YouTube – Jerry Toney


State Farm insurance investigator interviews victims starting at 1:45.
YouTube –   aplanetruth.info


As I write this post ten days later these strange fires are still burning, over 40 people have been found dead and many more are missing. I am not a fire expert of any kind, but I have lived in California for decades and I can’t even begin to explain what went on here. I thank God for the firefighters.


Please pray for the victims, for the newly homeless, for the uninsured, for those who lost everything, for the families of the deceased...  and pray for the truth to come to light.


– Maxine Raymor




On September 23rd, Maxine published her first novel, “Mountain Realm, Epic Adventure Sparked by the Sun. You can find it on Amazon.







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