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That Thing I Feared Most

December 22, 2018

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Are You Well Prepped, but Still Living a Clueless Life?

July 28, 2017

Dan and I agree, we’ve got to get out of the big city, go off-grid, and learn to live entirely on our own. We know that now. Here in Southern California, the risk is just too high. We’re surrounded by thousands of people on alcohol and drugs, staggering around, staring at social media, completely and utterly clueless about the EMP threat. These people are obsessed with the next party, where to eat out tonight, how they look in their designer clothes, driving their designer car and looking hot in selfies with their designer girlfriend or boyfriend, or both.


They have no idea that the enemies of the USA are quite serious about taking down the American electric grid. When an EMP bomb takes out California, there will be utter chaos.


Many Californians can’t even seem to prep for one evening meal.


If mid-to-high income gray-cubicle Californians want to “cook in”, there are places they can go online to choose what they want to eat for dinner. This service does all the shopping and food prepping. When the workers get home from their gray cubicle in a giant corporation, the food service delivers a box with perfect portions, measured out spices, a recipe tucked in for finishing up the “cooking”, and serving tips for that special night at home.


Believe me, in a long-term grid-down situation most of the people living around us will be completely out of food in 3 - 4 days, looting, rioting and demonstrating in the streets, carrying all the big protest signs. Then comes serious thirst because water stops pumping through the city when there is no electricity. Toilets don’t work, trash isn’t collected, filth piles up and disease spreads. They will face the worst hunger of their lives because there will be no more stores to loot and no internet, so they can’t order a box of perfectly-portioned dinner, prepped and ready. Then they will starve. Thousands and thousands of them.


So we asked ourselves, are we prepped but clueless?


We know all this. We do, yet here we remain, living in a big city, surrounded by the clueless. We think of ourselves as sensible people who have been doing light prepping for years. We’ve listened to podcasts, read blogs, done the diy projects, bought the books and even joined a prepper Meetup. We know that living where we do, in an urban sprawl, 50 miles from the closest rural area is, well, stupid. I guess the very first step is to admit that in a grid-down situation, a city, any city, the city where you live, is a death trap, no matter how prepared you think you are.


Dan and I haven’t been entirely clueless like the cubicle Californians ordering their box dinners. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on us. We do have a “food savings account” arranged neatly in the spare room. We’ve researched off-grid living, prepared for a disaster, thought about different things that could happen and how we would cope. Over the years, we have accumulated the stuff… you know what I mean. The flashlights, batteries, wind up radios, bug-out bags, tarps, large containers of water, self-defense stuff, candle lanterns. Dan even made a bicycle powered bug-out cart in case an EMP takes out all the vehicles. We’re prepared.


We live in earthquake country so life could change suddenly when the ground shakes down buildings, launching projectiles through the air at us. Wildfire is a big concern here in the southwest and, if political agendas are stirred up, civil unrest could erupt into violence in a split second. All the druggies around us could easily turn violent. Legal prescription druggies or illegal, it matters not, they are on drugs and they can’t live without them.


This is your brain on illegal drugs - this is your brain on prescription psychotropic drugs. Apparently, brains fry either way.


Lulled into complacency by our own preps?


Even prepping can become a mind numbing experience. After doing it for a while, a wonderful feeling of security sets in. You settle into a kind of peace, knowing that you can handle yourself in a disaster. I highly recommend prepping if you haven’t taken that first step. You really do feel more at peace when you are ready.


Prepping really is very sensible and practical and all that, but years later I have to ask myself, “Have we become complacent in our prepping?  Are we in deep denial, knowing this EMP thing is a real and present danger, but insisting on living in this place anyway? A big-city death-trap?”


This EMP thing is different.


I have lived through some very stressful situations in my life that hit me hard and were not expected at all. I have actually been through some strong earthquakes. Once a fire got pretty close to our home and lit up the sky with smoke and flames. We were getting ready to evacuate but they got it under control. We were lucky. There have been extreme health problems with friends and family, dreaded diseases. Significant people in my life have died and died young.


But this EMP/grid-down thing is different, it is predictable. The dot-gov people are saying that the entire grid could go down for 5 years or more. Click here to see the report. There are other ways the electric grid could go down, too, an EMP attack is just one of them.


I really do think this is going to happen. America has too many enemies with too much money. They will figure out how to do it. They will plan well, they will finance the plan, and they will execute, just like they did on 9-11-01. I must force myself out of this prepper-complacent state-of-mind. Literally shake my head, maybe give my face a little slap and say, “Wake up, Maxine, this grid-down thing is actually going to happen. Get out of the city!”


The idea of moving out of the big city to a rural area and setting up an extreme off-grid lifestyle is an overwhelming thought. How do people even live without a refrigerator? How do they keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer without that little switch on the wall? How do they grow enough food? How do they live without coffee?


Maybe I can grow coffee, I don’t know.
I think I may need a mountain and a jungle. I’m not sure.


I do know one thing, it will take a lot of hard work and self-discipline to live an extreme off-grid lifestyle. We’re not young, but we’re not elderly either, so we can do this but it’s going to be tough on so many levels. Here are come concerns:

  • We’re barely paying our bills now so how are we going to come up with a deposit and first/last month’s rent on a home in the country?

  • How are we going to get our stuff there?

  • Choosing a location may prove challenging,

and of course…

  • In an extreme grid-down situation there are no Starbucks, so the coffee thing is a real serious problem.


I may need to switch to tea. Is a tea tree easier to grow?


Maybe you see a major grid-down situation coming, too. Maybe you have the same off-grid dream that we have. Dan and I invite you to follow this blog as we share thoughts about our really big off-grid dream, carefully shape those thoughts into plans, and make the move.


- Maxine



Please help us if you can.


We could use some help funding our really big off-grid dream. Visit the store page for lots of off-grid and prepping ideas. We offer organic and gmo-free storage food. Check out the hand-cranked, off-grid tools & appliances. When you click on a product and buy from Amazon, we get a small commission. Your help is much appreciated. 



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