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December 22, 2018

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That Thing I Feared Most

December 22, 2018

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That Thing I Feared Most

December 22, 2018


We’ve known it for a while, years really. We knew the day would come when we would have to leave this place, this paradise, California...


We always thought we’d choose the time to go...


but the decision was out of our hands the day the landlord called to evict us. All my life, it was the thing I feared most… losing my home.


Dave, our landlord said:


I really hate to make this call, but my family is pressuring me to sell my properties in California and leave. You two have been great about paying your rent on time. It’s not your fault. I am very sorry, but I need to sell the mobile home you are living in. I’m moving my family to Idaho.


Poor guy. He felt so bad about it. I could hear it in his voice.


Long before this, we knew we would have to leave California… eventually. For years we researched other states, other cities, but hadn’t saved a dime to make the move. It is so very expensive to live in the great CA. Everyone I know is living paycheck-to-paycheck. The cost of housing is outrageous. Food, utilities, taxes... all of it out of control. So many are leaving.


Paradise lost.


We did expect our income to go up in 2019, so we were holding on for dear life until then. We figured we’d make the move late in 2019. After heavy research, we landed on an area in Northern Arizona. A place about a mile high, in a mountain valley.


So there we were, sitting in a crumbling, 55 year old mobile home, taking in the news from our landlord. My man, Dan, gave me a look. He didn’t have to say a word. We knew we couldn’t stay in California. We had to sell everything and go.


“Well, Dave,” I said to the landlord, “we were planning to move to Arizona next year anyway. I guess you just changed the timeline a little. Can we have 90 days?”


He said yes. We sent him a “Notice of Intent to Vacate”. No eviction necessary.


Suddenly Dan and I were smack dab in the middle of a Personal Economic Disaster. We had no money to move.

Staying in California was not even an option. We had to move out of the state. We didn’t have a dime saved but we did have three things.


1. We had a Food Savings Account.


No, we are not hard-core apocalypse preppers with a year’s worth of food stored up in a compound out in the wilderness. We do live in earthquake country, and when The Big One hits, we never really trusted FEMA to take care of us. We seriously don’t trust FEMA. Hurricane Katrina taught us that lesson and the ongoing situation in Puerto Rico is bringing it home. FEMA is just not helping much in that little American island.


So when I go grocery shopping, I buy an extra can or two of food. Over the years, it has really built up. Dan made a can rotator device so we use the oldest cans first. We also have some buckets of food we bought when I got a bonus check every Christmas. A bucket of rice, a bucket of beans, some oatmeal, stuff like that. Several bonus checks over the years equal several food buckets saved. A couple of years ago, we bought a cheap food dehydrator and experimented with drying our own food. We also have a few of those big cans of dried food that are supposed to last for 25 years. So that’s our Food Savings Account.


We figure we had at least 3 months worth of food in the house.


A plan formed as we talked it over. We could eat the food in the house for 3 months and cut down the weekly grocery bill radically. We could sell a bunch of items on ebay, too. We went to the U-Haul website and figured out exactly how much it would cost - truck, fuel, everything. We also looked at those moving pods. If we were very careful, and sold almost everything we owned, we could come up with enough money to move to Arizona. Then Dan's military retirement would kick in, plus there was a pension out there somewhere, so things would get better eventually.


2.   We had two Passive Income Streams.

We do have two passive income streams, which would be enough to pay rent. Dan is retired so he has income from that, plus we have a little income stream from the novel we wrote, Mountain Realm.


Just a side hustle, really, we put it up on Amazon as an e-book in the fall of 2017. We wanted to see what Amazon would do with it. We didn’t even advertise it on our social media, but it has gotten some nice reviews. If you have read the book, we are deeply grateful. So after the landlord’s call, we realized...


Now it’s time to Hard Launch our novel!


For the paperback, we researched several companies that do print-on-demand for indies. After weighing the pros and cons, we settled on Lulu.com. We’ll upload the file soon. Then we have to wait for the printed proof copy, look it over and make changes. When everything is right, we will do a Hard Launch and advertise the book on our social media network. Wow, this is exciting!


Make no mistake, though, that book only creates one income stream. I hope to also work a part time job, too. I have some serious office skills and tons of experience, plus, I went back to college recently. I earned a certificate called Social Media for Business, plus another certificate in Marketing. I might end up with multiple job offers, who knows?

So.. where were we? Dan and I were flat broke when the landlord called, but we had three things going for us on that day. We had a Food Savings Account, Two Income Streams and...


3. We had a relationship with the Creator of the Universe (or C.U.)


Our faith is a little, um, unique... a bit different... but try to have an open mind. We won’t be blogging about that a lot. Still, the C.U. figures into the mix. We have seen answers to prayer and we need a big, big answer to prayer now.

So that’s it. All we had was a Food Savings Account, two Passive Income Streams and a friendship with the C.U., but we figured that was enough. Actually, that last one was enough all by itself.


So where are we at right now, December 21st, 2018?


- Dan and Maxine’s Move to the Mountain -

- Five Weeks to Go -


We invite you to follow this blog as we prepare to leave the city, move to the mountain, reboot our lives, discover historical life hacks, stay aware of planet change, transition to an off-grid lifestyle, and figure out how to grow lots of food in the high desert.


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So that's it, that thing I feared the most, losing my home, well... it's happening. 


But we have a plan and of course, there's the C.U. You never know what the C.U. is planning. You just try to line up with the flow of the Spirit.


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