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That Thing I Feared Most

December 22, 2018

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5 Reasons You Will Die After an EMP

April 10, 2017

It’s inevitable. America will be plunged into darkness. You will wake up one day and the lights will be off. Then you'll notice there is no traffic noise. You'll wonder what time it is, but your cell phone won’t work. Neither will your computer. You pick up your keys only to find the car doesn’t work, either. Your world is dark and the silence is deafening.


Our electric grid is extremely vulnerable to attack. One madman and a dirty bomb is all it would take. Explode that bomb in the air over the Midwest and the grid goes down. Shoot it off a boat in the Gulf of Mexico. A determined terrorist organization could take this country down in minutes, it’s only a matter of time. America is hated. It will happen.


Some experts say that when our grid goes down, 90% of the population will die. Most likely you will die, but don’t feel bad, so will I. Let’s look at a few reasons why.


1. Everything with a computer chip will stop running.


There will be no working computers, no internet, no functioning cell towers, but no cell phones will be working, anyway. In this society, everything has moved over to the internet. Stores order stock through the Internet. Amazon sells on the Internet. The stock market runs on the Internet. I’ll bet you spend a lot of time on the Internet. All that will be over and it will take years to fix.


2. That includes most vehicles.


You will be stuck where you are unless you have a car older than 1980. There will be no police cars running.  Emergency vehicles will not be working so if your house catches fire, guess what? You’re on your own. Check out the video and you will see what I mean.


Without emergency vehicles, when one house starts on fire, the fire would quickly spread to more houses and neighborhoods. Most cities would burn down. There will be no firetruck full of buff firemen coming down the street to help you.


If you have a heart attack, you would need to walk to the hospital. Of course, their fancy electric equipment won’t be working and few doctors will still be hanging out there. They will be walking home to their families. That goes for police officers and, well pretty much everyone.

They will be walking home to their families.

Of course, there is a lot of disagreement about what an EMP attack would do to cars. There is a lot of dis-information being thrown into the mix, too. I will cover some of the theories in another blog.


3. Tap water will run out.


How fast?  Well, it depends on how water is handled in your area. If it is gravity fed from a huge tank on the hill you will have water for a few days. Then the tank will run out because the equipment that normally pumps more water up there will not be working.


4. Stores will empty out in two days.


We’ve seen this scenario many times when hurricanes hit. Stores empty out as a hurricane approaches, but this will be so much worse. When an EMP takes out the American grid, there will be no FEMA trucks showing up to save us. No grocery trucks will be pulling into town to stock up the grocery aisles, either. Those trucks won’t work.


Whatever you have in your house is what you will eat. Maybe you have three months’ worth of food in your deep pantry. Maybe six months, maybe even a year.


Believe me, even if you live out in the country next to a brook of clear running water, your storage food will run out because it will take at least two years to even begin fixing the electric grid. Why? Because a large transformer takes two years to build and our grid requires tens of thousands of transformers to work. So unless you have 10 years worth of food saved up, you'd better learn to grow it yourself.


5. Those who have not, will take from those who have – probably with guns.


The unfortunate truth is that survival is a driving force. People who would normally be good citizens with a job and a nice house will find themselves starving. Hungry, crying babies are also a driving force.


Hunkering down with your stored food and water is a nice fantasy, but what happens when a wandering gang of, say 15 armed and desperate people break down your door, point guns in your face and demand everything you’ve got?

My name is Maxine Raven and I am doing everything I can to move out of the city and find a way to start a life in the country without electricity. Problem is, we are living paycheck-to-paycheck so this is going to take some real determination. Until then, we still have the Internet so we can do the research. How did they live in medieval times without electricity, without refrigerators and without grocery stores? Living completely off-grid is quite a challenge but the information is out there. Follow me as I figure out how to reboot my life after the EMP hits.








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