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That Thing I Feared Most

December 22, 2018

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A Storm is Coming... Maybe Two

December 31, 2016

A couple nights ago I had a dream that I just can't seem to shake.


In the dream, there was an elementary school. I could see the children and teachers inside each classroom because the doors were open. I was running along the outside walkway from classroom to classroom warning that two tornadoes were approaching. The teachers didn't really believe me until they looked outside and saw the tornadoes with their own eyes.


Out here in California, the schools are built with outside walkways instead of inside hallways.



Now, tornadoes are very rare in California so I guess they were some kind of symbol for an approaching disaster, or two disasters. This, of course, came from my sub-conscience, so it could mean precisely nothing. On the other hand, it could be a personal warning for my family, a regional prediction, or even a future global disaster, maybe two.


Mind you, I am not usually prophetic at all but I guess a futuristic vision could come through a regular person like me. I even photo-shopped the image above to show my readers what the dream was like.


They say that if you are trying to interpret a dream, you may want to focus on the emotion rather than on the images of the dream. My overwhelming emotion was concern for the children and the urgency of alerting the teachers.


If you have a child in your home or even if you don't, please consider that emergencies do happen. It is easy to prepare. Storms do happen - floods, earthquakes, blizzards, fires, etc. Lights go out, heat goes out, food deliveries to your local grocery store could be blocked, maybe for weeks. All kinds of emergencies happen to everyday people. Every year we hear the stories. I do urge you to get ready now. Don't be like the teachers in my dream, not believing there could be a problem until they see it approaching with their own eyes. When you see a storm approaching, or hear it on a weather report, it may be too late to prepare.


I finally got my act together today and put a storage food option up for sale on my website. It is high quality, organic and vegan. I have studied the ingredients, and this is an amazingly

balanced group of foods. This is real food, not freeze dried into something that tastes like Styrofoam. There are no preservatives. This food is naturally long lasting and nutritious. It will feed one person for 40 days or two people for 20 days. It is packaged nicely in a convenient bucket and comes with cooking instructions. I don't make a lot of money on this pail of storage food, but I feel so strongly about emergency preparedness, I had to do something.


I'm finishing up a novel so the website is mostly about the upcoming book. That is why I started a website/store, but the book isn't ready yet. Today, I added an emergency food bucket to the store. It is vegan but there are options for freeze-dried meat out there to add to your "food savings account".


There are many ways to prepare for a coming storm, and storms happen eventually in all of our lives. Please listen to my warning whether you choose my vegan option or not. Please consider the children in your home and set some food and water aside for a rainy day... or two.



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