Planet Change

The weather has changed. We all know that.

Long established weather patterns have been disrupted,

but now really strange things are happening.

We all know that.

Greenhouse gas pollution is a real problem.

That's a measurable fact.

We all know that.

...but a slight change in surface temperature
doesn't explain everything. 

At the gut level, we also know that.

  • Earthquakes

  • Weird Fires

  • Warming Oceans

  • Volcanic Eruptions

  • Epic Blizzards

  • Insanely Intense Storms

All growing in intensity and frequency,
because of a surface temperature rise of 1 degree.
greenhouse gas does not cause volcanic eruptions.

A New Theory is Emerging...

Our Planet is Changing from Within

Sure, surface temps may be up a bit due to greenhouse gas,
but if our planet is also changing from within,
heating and expanding at the core,
this explains every single bullet point from the list above.
Earthquakes,  Epic Blizzards, Volcanic Eruptions,
it's all getting worse and...
it's happened before

Get it and Get Ready

     We deal with Planet Change by facing it head on - Planet Change is here and it's not going away. Earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions, this reality is going to get worse, fast. Nothing is the way it used to be and there's a logical, scientific explanation for this. It has to do with interactions in the solar system at a planetary level. It is a disastrous, natural cycle and it's happened before. Everything is changing, but we don't have to give in to fear.
If you are reading this page, if you are breathing, there's still time for you.
     Begin by 1) storing up some water, that is the number one priority, 2) then set aside some food, and 3) figure out what you'll need to stay warm. That is the normal, sensible kind of prepping. It's getting ready for an emergency. It's saving for a rainy day. People out in the country have been doing it for hundreds of years. I get it, you don't want to become some wild-eyed, gun-toting, camo-wearing, paranoid apocalypse prepper, running on fear and adrenaline. Nether do I, but I'll let you in on a big secret...
The more you get ready, the better you feel.
The only way to deal with Planet Change is to pick up what I'm laying down, get it and get ready. 
Click on a topic below to learn more about getting ready for a Planet Change Event in your neighborhood. 
Don't think a Planet Change Event could happen to you? Tell it to the people of Lelani Estates,
or the folks who lost their homes during hurricane Michael,
or the fire victims of California. Those fires were unexplainable.
And the list goes on.
get it and get ready
storage & purification
canning & storage
warmth & light
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