Learn the how-to right now before the internet goes down and all those amazing blogs,videos and podcasts are useless to us. 
Click on the images below  to learn about rocket heaters & stoves, fire starting, & electric prepping.
Rocket Heaters & Stoves
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Starting a Fire
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Electric Readiness
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rocket mass heaters & stoves, fire starting, electric readiness

When the grid goes down we will suddenly realize how easy our lives were before. Right now, we just plug in the cell phone to keep it charged, turn the thermostat down or up when it's cold, or flip on the stove to cook some oatmeal. Life is easy in our 21st century electric homes, complete with flat screens, fast computers, tablets, cell phones and smart appliances, but when the grid goes down we will be alone and unplugged... and it will go down.
Get it and get ready.
So how do we cope when our aging grid goes down?
How do we heat our homes, start a fire, charge a cell phone?
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Off-Grid Living
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