Maxine learned html coding way back in the 1990's when the web was just a babe. Since then, she has built websites in Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, Expressions and more! 

For more info, call Maxine at 760-712-6338.

Social Media Marketing

Maxine has earned two certificates in Marketing from MiraCosta College in California. One certificate focused on Social Media for Business. Just a few sessions with her and your eyes will be opened to the world of social media for your business. Every business could benefit from her training and experience.

For more info, call Maxine at 760-712-6338.

Prescott Posts

Maybe your business is doing OK, but posting to your social media page is not your favorite thing to do. You'd rather be running your business, right? Or maybe the challenge is, well, it's just not working.

Prescott Posts Drawing.jpg

Prescott Posts is a subscription service that posts local family events to your social media pages. Starting at $14.00 per month, your social media page will give your business that boost you need to attract new customers from Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, even Cottonwood and Camp Verde!

For more info, call Maxine at 760-712-6338.

Website Services

Maybe bookkeeping isn't your thing, but Maxine actually enjoys crunching the numbers, reconciling bank reports and producing awesome reports and graphs so you can make informed business decisions based on what is really happening. Hire Maxine to do your crunching!

For more info, call Maxine at 760-712-6338.


Mountain Realm Services

Maxine is Working from Home to Support our Homestead

That's right, Maxine works from home in the Prescott area to help support the Raymor mini farm. If you have a need for any of the services below, please call her at 760-712-6338.