• Life slows down out in the country.
    Understand that it takes time to transition from the hustle & bustle of city life to a slower-paced, low stress existence. People are much slower in the country, but that doesn't mean they're simple.

  • Always think ahead.
    It may not be easy to get to a store and it may close early. If your child needs medicine like benadryl or Mucinex you are out of luck if you have none in the house. Have supplies on hand and backed up or know how to make them. 

  • Get to know your neighbors.
    Try to interact with thsm. Some are intelligent, highly skilled people. Some are more simple. In the country there can be a kind of barter system, a give and take, people will help you learn things. Reciprocate the nice things people do for you and be grateful.

  • Just jump in.
    Garden, garden, garden and get some animals! It is ok to start small and build. Keep going, but go at a comfortable pace for you.

  • Work on your skills all year long. 
    Homesteading is about developing skills and learning more.

  • Get your kids involved.
    As a society, we are forgetting some of these skills so pull your children aside and teach them the skills you are learning. 

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  • What are your goals? 
    Do you want to homestead because you want to grow your own food? Get out of the city? Go back to your roots? Gain more skills? 

  • Are you going to have an outside job?
    Having a job ties you to the outside world. Do you have to go to a doctor a lot? Does your child have school or activities they need to go to?

  • When looking at locations, look at safety first. 
    Who are your neighbors? Go to predator sites & get and idea of who lives there. 

  • Consider resources.
    Water, you can't live without it. You must have a well, pond or creek.
    Wood to heat your home and for cooking. When you lose electricity you will need access to wood.  What comes with the house?Does it have a wood stove? A barn? A well? 

City to Country - Top 10 Homesteading Tips

​City to Country - Top 10 Homesteading Tips

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