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  • dealing with planet change

  • grid failure & EMP's

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Grid Failure & EMP's

  • Failures are inevitable at this point. Are you Ready?

  • Learn what an electro-magnetic pulse is

  • How to handle a long term grid-down situation

  • Find out how to reboot your world if you survive

The electric grid is old and unstable. It's going down.



Here's the Novel Summary

But the ones who do survive work together to get through it

and then begin to reboot their world,

using creativity, determination,

invention and innovation. 

We did a lot of research on EMP's and ended up writing an epic adventure.

Whether you're a history fan, a prepper, a permaculture enthusiast or just love a great adventure, you will enjoy...  
Mountain Realm: Epic Adventure Sparked by the Sun
You may be surprised because it's a light read and may be a good way to help your friends and family face facts...

Natural Disasters are on the Rise
Get it and Get Ready

Whether its an earthquake, hurricane, wildfire, tornado or even a volcano eruption,

something like this could happen to you, your friends, your family.
Many are just beginning to suspect that something different is going on, that we need to calmly get ready to survive and thrive

during Planet Change.

Mountain Realm...

is a work of fiction about gathering together in a time of crisis and coping by sharing knowledge and skills within
and among like-minded communities. But it isn't a prepper book and it isn't a zombie apocalypse...

... it is an epic adventure. 

The book is about diverse groups of people defending each other,
fighting off evil and caring for others through self-sacrifice and true chivalry. 
They face difficult challenges and many don't make it.


Mountain Realm
Epic Adventure Sparked by the Sun

A group of medieval reenactors meet on a mountain for a campout. They hold full-scale battles, archery tournaments and competitions in ancient skills like siege cooking, brewing and natural medicine. 

A solar superstorm takes the grid out as well as everything with a computer chip. Their cell phones are dark, their vehicles disabled. Now they must use their medieval skills to survive!

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Our thanks to

George Noory, Justin Rhodes, Paul Wheaton and Marjory Wildcraft 

for their inspiring work.

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